Professional Services in

Photography & Design

Artists & Promotion

We specialise in photographing exhibitions, opening night coverage, artist portraits, and documentation of artworks, either at your studio, on location or at our photographic studio in St Peters. Plus, we can help with the entire process involved in promoting your practice or exhibition with print and digital collateral, including invites, posters, advertisement designs for publications, social media content, exhibition programs, room sheets, portfolios and the design of proposal applications.

Print & Digital Design

We offer a full range of design services for creatives & businesses, including logo designs, business cards, letterheads, invitations, posters, album artwork, book design, portfolios, illustration, typesetting, advertising, motion graphics, web banners, menus, social media content & more. When it comes to beautiful physical content that feels nice in your hands we can assist in handling the print production for you or supply ready to print files.

Music & Performance

There is nothing like capturing the action and excitement of live music and performances, we can capture the entire performance whilst being discrete and not interfering with the moment, and we can join you on the road for touring shows to capture the whole experience. We work with our artists and performers to create concepts that suit their sound and or personality for promotional shoots, album designs, and posters.

Corporate Events & Headshots

While we specialise in the arts and creative sector, we also understand the importance of a creative eye to help your business stand out. We have a portable studio that we can bring to your office for headshots or organise for your staff to visit our St Peters studio. We can cover special events, seminars and photograph your place of business for any promotional needs.

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