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RH Photography & Design is the home of award-winning photographer and graphic designer Rhiannon Hopley and a team of highly experienced creative image-makers.


An image has the power to move you. It can change your mind or reassure; it can seduce, captivate and compel. Through the lens of acclaimed photographer Rhiannon Hopley, static shots are embedded with an intelligent inquisitiveness that is in equal parts inspiring and mesmerising.

From the head-banging rocker wreathed in smoke and dripping with sweat to a crisp headshot that demands professional attention, stunning exhibition documentation, seductive food photography and shutter-sharp event magic, the subject comes to life, whatever its form. This is emotional photography that is powerfully creative and undeniably engaging.


In this contemporary opt-in culture, the only way to get positive attention is to create content that is relevant, informed and entertaining, to tell your story instinctively and transparently.

Capturing message and identity through stunning visuals and precise design, RH is across all aspects of visual branding and storytelling.

From publishing to typography, arts, advertising and promotions, our ethos is to create clean, effective and powerful designs that connect with clarity and detail.


Rhiannon Hopley’s diverse range of skills, developed over the last 13 years, have lead to her specialising within the arts and culture. Photographing and designing content for events and exhibitions, stage performances, music, film, fashion, promotional, social media content, printed publications, portraits & conceptual photography.


Rhiannon began professionally shooting soon after high school where she graduated in first place, receiving excellence in photography. Establishing herself within the live music scene, initially shooting gigs on 35mm film, she now shoots for a number of publications as well as on a freelance basis covering both local and international musicians. Working with a range of clients both nationally and internationally, covering events, exhibition openings, artwork documentation, media and event coverage, stage performances, concerts and red carpet premiers to corporate functions, headshots, portraits and promotional photography.


Rhiannon since graduating in 2012 with first place in the Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design & Communications receiving high distinctions in all subjects, she has worked with galleries and artists, to design all exhibition related collateral, included digital and large printed publications which have been used here and overseas to help promote artists. She was also the Art Director and Senior Graphic Design for DJ Magazine for both the Australian and Canadian Editions, and then went on to work in the special effects team for a feature film and web series. Both on sets and in post-production she worked as a VFX artist, rotoscoper, and concept artist to creating designs.

Rhiannon was awarded First Prize in photography for Gosford Art Prize in 2013 and Commended for the main prize in 2015. She has been selected as a finalist for various awards including, North Sydney Art Prize 2017, The 39th Alice Prize, Northen Territory 2016 and Ballarat International FotoFestival, ‘One for the Books’ 2013. Hopley has shown at Art Fairs including DENFair 2017 and selected to exhibit with .M Contemporary for their exhibition ‘No Place Like Home’, for the 2015 Australasia’s International Art Fair, Sydney Contemporary.
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